We are one of the most Affordable, Safe, and Experienced Driving Training and Driver Improvement Schools servicing the Hampton Roads Area — Now Also Located In Portsmouth!

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All students must have the following items before starting behind the wheel.

  • Proof of Payment online, Cash, or Money Order (made out to Joyner’s Driving Improvement School)
  • Certificate of Completion, Classroom Driver’s Education
  • Learner’s Permit
  • 45 Hour Log with at least 20 hours completed and logged
  • Greencard, if appropriate

Proof of payment online or Cash or Money (made out to: Joyners Driving Improvement School)

Certificate of completion classroom drivers education greencard)

Learners Permit.

45 Hour log with atleast 20 hours completed and logged.

Registration: Students that have completed the classroom portion of the Drivers Education and have had their learners permit for at least 7 months should contact our office for scheduling of consultation 757-275-7177

Private Lessons- Students in need of private lessons please contact office for scheduling and pricing. 757-275-7177

Eligibility for a 180 –day provisional license

1. 15 yrs and 6 months (received learners permit)

2. Has held a learners permit for a minimum of 9 months

3. Has parental permission and 45 hours of guided driving practice with at least 15 hours occurring after sunset.

4. Has completed a drivers education program (classroom) or online


524 Middle St. Portsmouth, VA

Across from the Children’s Museum


3 Time Failure / 8 Hr Virginia Manual Course


Behind The Wheel

Cost $225.00 for students under 18
Adults $245.00


Driver Improvement 9 am to 5 pm Click to schedule class.


524 Middle St Portsmouth Va 23704



By Appointment Only